Wednesday, April 9, 2008

finally watched finish neon genesis evangelion! pretty nice, except for the last 2 episodes, which focused much on shinji. and some random parts here and there. still got the rebirth and redeath series, which i think are two separate movies. i'll find time to watch them :D

bought 'Vexille' the other day, and this is the synopsis:
"Japan, 2077: Japan has become a renegade nation closed to the rest of the world. Shielded from penetration by air, sea and space for 10 years, the island nation has become a dangerous mystery to the United Nations. The country's isolation resulted when it fell out with other countries over the development of robotics and its determination to continue creating them even when they were banned everywhere else. The fear is that it has now taken its creation of human androids to the extreme and the only way to find answers is to send in a crack team of fighters to hook up with Japanese underground rebels and find out what's going on. Enter Vexille, a female special agent, whose squad uses ultra-high-tech uniforms, weapons and vehicles to rocket into battle."

what attracted me to buy this was that it was from the creators of appleseed, yet another movie i watched recently. will be watching it soon.

everyone is having so much fun playing with my Puchi Puchi haha.