Thursday, January 8, 2009

Deciding Among The Many Paths

In a few days' time, thousands of students like me will be receiving their GCE Ordinary levels results, and will be faced with a difficult task of deciding what will ultimately decide their future.

The most expected reaction to see on the day of results' release

Like any other normal person, I too will meet the same tough decision making. Just like how I need to choose a moe loli or a tsundere loli in an eroge, I'm split between two choices. Should I just follow what is already laid down, a steady, secure path, plain and bare, or make my own, be it crooked or bump, suffering along the way while enjoying the fruits of my labor when I've finally reached my destination. As Danny puts it, it's the fear.

It really is a tough choice.

My dad wants me to work in his company, with him expressing his wholesome desire that I get into a good university, let's say, in the UK?

But I know that's not what I want. I want to work with something related to Japan, even computing would be fine. The problem is, what? Computer engineer? Programmer? Should I go for Computer Science? Or Computer Engineering? Or should I just go for the Media field? Too many choices, yet every single one of them feel unsafe and full of pitholes.

Or maybe I just want to see more pantsu.

I'm still uncertain, but I know that there is no second chance at life, so sooner or later, I'll choose the latter choice, the former being the last resort, the backup, in case my Plan A fails. Until then, I'll just have to grit my teeth and endure anything and everything to succeed and be different.

Ending off with another Shana pic ^^;


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