Friday, October 31, 2008

New banner...?

Changed the pic at the top, still figuring out how to make the words more visible. Gotta learn gotta learn~

P.S: I love Natsume Rin <3

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ClubDay MSL - Stork vs Kal

Stork loses 2:3 to Kal.

Not even a silver for you, Stork.

And you'll get a silver for OSL and WCG again. :D

On a side note, I'll be updating on Clannad and CHAOS;HEAD tomorrow. O levels are horrible.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pre-Chaos;Head review post

Wow, it appears that those links appearing in the first episode in CHAOS;HEAD ACTUALLY WORKS.

Seems that they are images used in the game and/or the anime.


The links that work are from,

And I thought they were just made up.

Kannagi - 04

I'm trying out a different format, adding funny comments instead of dumping 20+ images at one go.

This really looks like a scenario of traps.

"Must.. see.. tits."


I came.


"No, Nagi! I can explain! It's all a misunderstanding!"

"Heh...heh.. yea." (nice eyes btw)


4 simple steps to getting a girlfriend

Shrine maidens.. get!

reminds me of that Haruh's over 9000? picture.


A loli idol cosplaying as a sister, stealing yer virginity and licking your cheeks.


More acts of sisterly love.

Oh yes they love bondage.

DBZ anyone?

Jin: "WTFUX?!"

I just loved this episode entirely. All the way from Zange-chan licking (yes LICKING) Jin's cheek to Zange being Nagi's sister and Nagi's overreactions. Way too awesome.

Had way too many scenes that I literally lol'd. For example...

Jin: "..."

*closes door*

Jin: ";_______; Nagi is into incest-bondage..."

Damn, if A-1 Pictures were to keep this up, this might actually be the top 3 anime of this fall, including Toradora! and To aru Majutsu no Index. They seemed to have paid attention to their graphics, for example this nice view of the river.

Next episode pl0x.

To Aru Majutsu no Index - 04

Frankly speaking, this week's episode was somewhat a disappointment. Very little action, and too much talking of the usual don't-you-care-about-your-friends in an attempt to change the heart of the enemy by the protagonist. Except that this time, it wasn't really an enemy. At least it revealed some details about Index's situation, and why she is constantly losing her memories. Also, the next episode looks promising, as it looks like Touma will go head-on against Stiyl and Kaori, as they proceed the erase Index's memories. The graphic quality is still the same, and I really hope J.C.Staff can keep up their good quality works for Toradora! and To Aru Majutsu no Index.

On a side note, the way Kaori described Index made me think of Index as some old portable Hard Disk. And sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm eating lunch. Same will go for the next two posts on Kannagi and CHAOS;HEAD.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hatsune Miku Visual Novel

Wow, never knew Hatsune Miku can look so beautiful.

ODEX 1 year anniversary



This time, a stronger, much more powerful entity has come to destroy our already once-hit anime community. This time, it's straight from the licensing companies, in this case, Geneon Entertainment and Showgate Inc, with a by Rajah and Tann Transnational Legal Solutions help them out.

Looks like Singapore's anime community is really screwed.

Moar ODEX.
No really.

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka - 04

MINATO!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

The episode starts off with Junichi's parents combating(?) a giant Kraken thing in a submarine. Uber random, yes I know.

A quick transition, and we're now looking at Junichi and Yuuhi coming to school together, and desperately trying to clear up the 'misconceptions' that other people were having. They are then invited to a home party by Karen, which everyone readily accepts except Junichi, who only goes after being persuaded by his sister Minato, who in turn was persuaded by Karen after school.

Yuuhi, Junichi and Minato show up at a grand cruise liner, meeting up with several of their classmates, and seeing some famous faces as well. They are greeted by a very well dressed Karen, and gets questioned about her dress when she called the rest to be in 'casual wear'. She replies by saying that her dress is her casual wear, and the girls go off on their own girls' paradise, choosing clothes and having girls' talk.

Meanwhile, the guys have changed into formal suits, and are clearly not enjoying themselves, probably except the teacher of course. It is then when Minato appears (OMG) with probably the best dress I've seen so far. The other girls appear, with less revealing (or if any at all) cleavage, which causes Junichi to give a sigh of disappointment, ending up receiving some resentment from the rest of the girls. Junichi continues to look at Minato's big jugs. (Damn, they're big.) He knows that it's wrong (SHE'S HIS SISTER) and starts to fight his inner demons, who persuades him to give in to the dark side. He does not lose to his temptation though, and goes over to Minato to advice her on wearing something over her shoulders to cover her boobies, and that they should not be shown to other guys (so showing it to him is okay?).

In the ladies' room, the girls tease Minato about how Junichi was constantly looking only at Minato, receiving a remark from Yuuhi saying how even the great Geno Killer has a strong sister complex.

They walk back to the hall, where Yuuhi and Minato meet a few seasick cooks and a Chef. They succumb to the seasickness, and the two heroines offer to help. However, Yuuhi once again ends up blowing things up, and Minato steps in to save the day.

Back in the hall, Karen shows displeasure about the late arrival of food, and declares that she would keep the show running until the food arrives. She starts making jokes, obviously not well received by the guests.

Minato, together with Mitsuki and Mikoto (I think.. someone please clarify) are busy with work in the kitchen. Suddenly, the radio girl (called Nago-nago by Mikoto, real name is Nagomi) brings in a ridiculously big fish, which Minato immediately recognises as the 'black diamond of the sea', Pacific bluefin tuna. (Yum, tuna.) This certainly raises some questions, like how she caught it, but Nagomi mentions that it is best not to ask any questions. This apparently solves the party menu issue.

The guests are already tired of Karen's jokes, and on the other corner of the room, a few guys are trying to hit on Yuuhi, going as far as to lay their hands on her. This is not well received by her, and reprimands the guy on how to properly drink tea, correcting his mistakes along the way.

Finally, food is ready and the guests are definitely relieved to spared from any more of Karen's horribly lame jokes. The three girls (without Minato) bring in the food, and Minato does a live sashimi making demonstration (I love TNK for providing the pantsu shot as well). Karen, obviously depressed by the fact that her party was taken over by a mere tuna fish, initiates Plan D.

Junichi's parents are still fighting the Kraken, firing torpedoes and attacking it with spears. Back in the boat, a Mini-Kraken appears, and seeing through the plan, Karen's classmates give their sincere sign of pity, except for Yuuhi who really believes that the Mini-Kraken is real. More mishaps happen, and the ship's bursting into flames. Everyone evacuate except for Minato and Yuuhi, and Junichi returns into the ship to find them. He finds Minato first, and hugs her in relief, with Minato clearly embarrassed by it. He then goes to find Yuuhi after learning that she's still trapped inside, Minato looking at him go.

He finds Yuuhi, alone and wet from the sprinklers, and rushes over, only to be hugged back by a crying Yuuhi. After a romantic few seconds, they move on to find the exit. In another part of the ship, Minato is saved from a fire by Nagomi, who uses her magic (what?) to extinguish the flames.

Everyone's back safe and sound, and Junichi and Yuuhi arrive together, much to the relief of Minato.

The next day at school, everyone thanks Karen for how much fun they had. Karen, clearly thankful of their positive attitude and not resenting her at all for the dangers, invites them to her hot spring resort, and this time round they clearly don't look like they are excited about it.

Got to see a few very cute moments of Yuuhi, as well as some sister complex moments, so a possible Minato x Junichi x Yuuhi in the future? Can't wait to see it will turn out. I thought that the Kraken would be appearing at the end of the episode, maybe attacking the boat or something, then Junichi's parents coming to save everyone and parents and children meet. But they went along a more standard plot, so maybe they're saving it for later episodes. I am very sure one day, the scenes between Junichi's parents and himself will converge. Enjoyed this episode alot, as usual.

And is it me or did they change the OP sequence?