Sunday, November 30, 2008

Figma - Seto San

Finally, a figma from the series I loved, Seto no Hanayome is out for preorders! And what's even better that it's Seto San herself! Seems to come with a fun transformation pack. Turns into human form, mermaid form and even a nekomimi form! Kawaii XD

Nekomimi mermaid wives are simply get.

The sword can even be sheathed. Kanpeki dayo!

Retail price is at 2500 yen, and you can preorder it from KKnM here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Uniquely Singapore, really.

Warning: Not for people under 5 years of age, or the easily offended.

Now you know what those aunties sell to you in your school canteen and kopitiams.

AFA Feedback Request

Saw this at Riuva, so I thought I'll share with people who don't.

Attendees, you now have the power to voice out all your rage over your ripoff Diamond VIP passes. Do it nicely, do it aggressively. Cheers!

Shinhan Bank Proleague 2008-2009 Second Period

Some new map changes are as follows :-
청풍명월 (Sword in the Moon) -> 신청풍명월 (Shin Sword in the Moon)

Wider pathing
Mineral expoes at 1,4,7,10 are now removed.
Ramps at 3,6,9,11 gas expos are now more narrow.

Raid Assault 2 -> Rush Hour III

추풍령 (ChuPung Ryung) -> 신추풍령 (Shin ChuPung Ryung)

Cliff at natural expansion removed. Now the path at 12 and 6 leads to an empty ground at the location, where sight is blocked by some walls.

The cliff paths in the center are now wider.

Regarding what I'm going to post in the future

I feel that it'll take way too much time to blog about every single episode I watch, as doing this alone is really tedious as I found out. And it's really pushing back all the animes that I need to catch up on. So from now onwards, I'll post about episodes that I think are really worth sharing, or are really epic.
Sorry for the inconvinience (_ _")

Also, regarding Clannad ~after story~, I'm considering waiting for widescreen releases before I watch and blog about them. What are your opinions?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Proleague - eSTRO vs WeMade FOX

Specifically wanted to put this up.

Nexus with Dragoon defence upgrade. Awesome stuff lol.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anime Festival Asia '08

It has been a hell these two days, with the Anime Festival Asia going on at suntec. And boy, was it full of surprises. Met lots of... I should say, daring, cosplays, as well as pretty decent goods and bargains. So, instead of writing an essay on it, I'll like to make it in point forms, although it'll most likely end up as an essay somehow.

1) Participation of ODEX.
Why, oh lord, why wasn't this mentioned this in the AFA? When I reached there, I was excited to see Domo-kun, Shana, Lelouch and others to mention a few. Until. I. Turned. Around. And. Saw. That. Cursed. Logo.

Yes, Odex. Why were you there? Did you ever publicise that you were coming up with these new animes? Did you ever mention your participation?

My guess that Odex didn't do so is that people might be put off right from the beginning upon hearing 'Odex', so they wanted to show their new and improved version, so that people might consider changing their stand. Sure, the dvds, vcds, goods and everything has improved, but it still can erase all the sins that you've commited. Odex, I'm never supporting you for your diabolic treatment towards the anime community.

2) The booths.
Ok, being called 'ANIME Festival Asia', there should be more anime content, yes? But what I saw were totally irrelevant stuff.
-> Arcade, wut?
-> Power rangers, no seriously, what?
-> Some thailand goods, forgot what.

I sort of expected anime showcases of hit titles as well as upcoming ones (probably Shakugan no Shana III?), as well as participation of Japanese companies like GSC and Maxfactory. But all the companies did was to display their goods... I was thinking they were actually going to sell Figmas there. But this is only the first year, so it's not bad for a start, considering how the ticket was only $8 for two days. Really looking forward to next year, for I would be able to spend more money, as well as a small glimmer of hope that this person would perform the most electrifying live performance once again...

3) May'n's live performance @ AFA'08.

I was lost in words. Simply blown away. Her live performance was full of energy, character, passion. Despite her poor english, she expressed every determination to sing to her best, which I think was done almost divinely. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she's the goddess of live perfomance, for other singers whom I wouldn't name as I'm also a great fan of them, tend to lip-sync. In short, for May'n, Live > Recording. I went back home and listened as I wanted to know why I felt like crying when she sang 'Diamond Crevasse' and I found out that her recordings were unable to capture that burning passion in her.

If May'n was to ever perform in Singapore again (which she promised, either to appease the fans or a sincere promise), regardless of the price of the ticket, I'm going for the VIP ticket.

Basically, I've fallen in love with May'n('s voice) now.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

KKnM Participation in AFA'08

For those who are still unaware, KKnM is participating in the AFA 2008. They are selling goods there, so if you are into the 'Tales of the Blah Blah' franchise, check out here, if not, here for goods related to animes such as Kuroshitsuji or Little Busters EX. Go go!

Figma - Lucky Star Cast Completed!

Woohoo!! Finally completed my Lucky Star Figma Cast Collection... Now I want to complete the Haruhi cast! :D

Clannad ~after story~ - 06

I somehow knew that the boy will be those 'i-have-returned-to-fulfil-the-wish-of-my-previous-life' or somewhere along those lines, but never did I thought would it turn out as a cat helping out his dead master. A really touching 2 episode arc, shedding new light on Misae, although she really was attractive since the first season. But this just makes her quadruply more attractive. Tsundere, yes?

Now that Sunohara and Misae is covered, next up is Miyazawa, the girl always staying in the bookroom. Seems like Sunohara has done something no good yet again...

On a personal level though, I really want to see the progress of Tomoya and Nagisa, and more Tomoyo! >.<

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Animax Blog Workshop with Danny Choo

I reached the venue earlier than expected, and nervously took a peek into the room. There I saw, Danny Choo, god of the Otakus. Gah, if only you came with me, Gabriel. =/

Feeling ultra nervous now, it's 1.30pm. Showtime.

12.50pm - Reached the National Youth Center. Saw Danny Choo in real life omg. Had time to burn so walked around Cineleisure, calming myself down.
1.10pm - Entered the room. Saw a couple of others. Danny's greeting people, probably the more veteran bloggers.
1.33pm - The workshop should start any time soon. Caught sight of the picture in this. Lol.
1.36pm - People are still entering. And we're still waiting. There are cameras everywhere, and I'm feeling super nervous. Wish I had a job so that I can get a camera like them.
1.51pm - The Director (Owner?) of Animax is talking about their latest feature. LaMB. Check it out here. Seems to have a blogging contest, period betwen Dec 1 2008 to Jan 31 2008. SEAns only, topic related to their LaMB project.
1.55pm - Finally over. Moving over to Danny now. Oh wait. Music video and 2 commercials (the save the environment commercial in Animax channel + one related to the LaMB project) yet to be played. Danny's gotta wait.
2.05pm - talking about his background, how he started off and how he ended up falling in love with Japan.
2.20pm - Now moving on to talk about the main topic of this workshop. Lots of interesting info, and pics too. Yes, I love pink, long haired 2D girls. But I didn't raise my hand =.=
3.40pm - Talk ends. People are talking with each other. All the veterans scare me. Waiting in line to greet Danny.
3.45pm - Thought I couldn't make it. He had to go for a media interview, but being the awesome, nice guy he is, he decided to quickly greet the rest who were waiting, who were basically me and a couple more other guys and women. Got his namecard, shook his hand and took photo with him! :D

Ending off, he said that he MIGHT attend the fuyucomi (Winter Comiket). Oh yeah~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Haruhi Bust Figure Standing Thing

Announced in the November issue of Newtype.

Didn't know what to call this really. But as you can see, there are 4 editions to be collected. From top left in clockwise direction, you need to purchase COMPTIQ December edition, The Sneeker (?) December edition, Shounen Ace January edition and Newtype January Edition. This was already mentioned in the previous edition of Shounen Ace, in case you didn't buy it for the uber cool Haruhi digital clock fused with photo frame. Are you interested in them? I certainly am.. but the prices really do put me off... what about you?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toradora! - 05

Finally, the last important character, Kawashima Ami is introduced as Kitamura's childhood friend (ring a bell?). Even for someone who did not follow the novel, like me, I immediately saw through her act of being the 'innocent, airhead type', which Minori hilariously disapproved of, and Taiga greatly loathed. Can't believe I delayed this episode, so I guess I'll quickly move on to the next episode, as the stoy of Kawashima Ami, Taiga Aisaka, Ryuuji, Minori and Kitamura unfolds.

Next week's preview : True Colours

Looks like Taiga is trying to use Ami's true nature to blackmail her. Don't know where Minori fits in though >.>