Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shikabanehime Aka - 02

Beautiful fighter - Atsuko

The OP sequence showed some pretty nice battle scenes, as well as a few pantsu-less shots of Makina in the beginning. Don't remember seeing this OP in the first episode, or I'm losing memory pretty early on in my life. But to make up for its not-so-perfect graphic quality, the battle scenes and camera angles were well done.

So, little kids die, they aren't really that happy about their deaths and they return as undeads to continue what they do best - playing. In a less-than-pleasant appearance, of course. Makino cleans up mess, and our dear hero-to-be learns of the existance of Shikabanes and Makino, of course. What he doesn't know is that now his brother, as well as some of his comrades are aware of him. Storywise, this has interested me, but Makino's proneness to getting pwnt pretty fast somewhat ticks me off. :/


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