Sunday, July 13, 2008

i started off this blog with a post on JulyZerg. and so, i'll dedicate this 105th post to the very same person.

it is official, he IS the second owner of the Golden Mouse, aka only the second person to win 3 OSLs. And way too perfectly too, 3-0 against the monster protoss Best. Simply amazing. Here is the basic summary of the matches.

Game 1: Othello
Purple Zerg (1) vs Blue Protoss (7)
JulyZerg starts off with a 5-pool WITHOUT scouting. Pure genius, or pure risktaker, you make your choice. I believe it was an amazing risk in destroying Best psychologically, right off the bat. Even after Best defended the 5pool zergling rush with perfect probe micro, JulyZerg went straight off to finish Best, leaving no time for a breather with a fast Mutalisk rush. Best attempted a futile last Zealot push, only to be met by a few dozen Zerglings and Sunken Colonies. GG.

Game 2: Troy
Teal Zerg (5) vs Green Protoss (1)
Zerg has always been known to be a race that was just sheer mass and had no such prefixed abilities for what we call 'tactics' or 'strategies'. JulyZerg just proved the whole world that this was just hogwash. Game starts off pretty normally, Best going 1 Gate Core, while JulyZerg goes for 11 pool gas. JulyZerg has an overlord hovering at Best's base and notices only 1 zealot and 1 dragoon blocking off the assimilator wall. Before this, he sees the dragoon and orders his overlord to escape. But by sheer ingenuity, he orders it to make a u-turn and it flies back to the nexus. Next moment, half a dozen drones start mineral-rushing, with around 15 zerglings. Best, upon seeing this, immediately pulls back his zealot and dragoon, sends out probes, but the Zerg's ability to build units fast keeps the pressure on Best. Speed-boosted Zerglings proved too much for Best, as his Forge goes down once, cannon gets cancelled once, Forge gets cancelled again, 3 more cannons meet the same fate, the gateway goes down, and eventually the Nexus, destroyed. GG.
Shocking enough to witness Bisu with his jaws wide open.

Game 3: Andromeda
Brown Zerg (11) vs White Protoss (1)
A classical brute unit war match. Almost all was seen, fast island expo, hydra wave, 'bomb' drop, corsair/reaver, zergling/hydra expo harass-centered drops, guardians, disruption web, mass scourges, over a dozen Ultralisks, etc. A perfect game that would describe the two of them, JulyZerg massing and harassing and attacking at every single opportunies, Best meeting it with an ever-resurrecting army, and JulyZerg, as if to provoke him, just rushes him with even more units, tanking every Psionic Storm Best can dish out. Half the game, the unit count was over 100. THE protoss vs zerg macro game of the year.

GG mates.


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