Monday, October 27, 2008

Kannagi - 04

I'm trying out a different format, adding funny comments instead of dumping 20+ images at one go.

This really looks like a scenario of traps.

"Must.. see.. tits."


I came.


"No, Nagi! I can explain! It's all a misunderstanding!"

"Heh...heh.. yea." (nice eyes btw)


4 simple steps to getting a girlfriend

Shrine maidens.. get!

reminds me of that Haruh's over 9000? picture.


A loli idol cosplaying as a sister, stealing yer virginity and licking your cheeks.


More acts of sisterly love.

Oh yes they love bondage.

DBZ anyone?

Jin: "WTFUX?!"

I just loved this episode entirely. All the way from Zange-chan licking (yes LICKING) Jin's cheek to Zange being Nagi's sister and Nagi's overreactions. Way too awesome.

Had way too many scenes that I literally lol'd. For example...

Jin: "..."

*closes door*

Jin: ";_______; Nagi is into incest-bondage..."

Damn, if A-1 Pictures were to keep this up, this might actually be the top 3 anime of this fall, including Toradora! and To aru Majutsu no Index. They seemed to have paid attention to their graphics, for example this nice view of the river.

Next episode pl0x.


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