Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clannad ~after story~ - 03

Mei-chan gets a little suspicious about her brother's new girlfriend, but luckily, Sanae-san's amazing megane-cosplay gets past her detection. This does not go by without Mei-chan squealing over how useless her brother is, and how such a beautiful person like 'Sanako-san' is unfortunate to end up with a useless bum like Sunohara. Eventually getting the go sign, Sunohara brings his girlfriend 'Sanako-san' to their first stop, a restaurant. However, knowing Sunohara's level of class, he brings everyone to a pork cutlet shop he frequents, and learning of Sunohara's dieting habits, Sanae-san ends up cooking for everyone at Sunohara's room. Once again, Mei-chan shed tears of, well, pity? I don't know.

After their meal, they start off again, Tomoya comments about how Sunohara probably should not bring them to the arcade, which predictably Sunohara does. Playing some Guitar Hero game using a fish guitar, he just ends up losing, which ticks him off and kicks the machine while commenting on how the fish guitar is spoilt, for which Sanae-san scolds him.

On the way to their next destination, they see a little girl getting bullied by a couple of other boys in a playground. Sanae-san, Tomoya and Nagisa quickly speak up that they should help her out, but Sunohara replies that they need not worry and kids grow up by fighting, causing Mei-chan to give a worried look. They continue to look on, when the girl's brother comes running to her rescue and chases the other bullies away. Sunohara declares the issue solved, but Sanae-san notices something is amiss and heads over to check on them. Finding out that they were lost, they decide to help them bring them to their house, as their address and name were written on their tags, with a very reluctant Sunohara following them.

The search is over, and they start to walk back home for the sky was getting dark. A grumpy Sunohara mentions that because of this, his date was ruined. Mei-chan snaps back about how he could think that selfishly, but Sanae-san stops her and in her calm, composite manner, states that she's happy since Sunohara thinks the time he spends with her is important. However, she also mentions that there are times when there are more important things, and tells Sunohara not to lose sight of that, making Sunohara all wishy-washy, as a concerned Mei-chan looks on.

The next day, Sunohara comes to school and starts adding 'a toilet seat cover' at the end of his sentences, causing some really wierd statements, and after a whie, Sunohara breaks down, admitting he can't take all the toilet seats anymore. Tomoya replies by saying he can just stop saying it, for which Sunohara rebutts that it was Tomoya who gave that suggestion, making Tomoya wonder if he ever did.

Back in the cafeteria, all Sunohara has in his mind is about Sanae-san, and mentions about how a guy in love is forgiving, and that he is waiting for her phone call after school. This causes Tomoya to worry, and initiates a talk about Mei-chan, but Sunohara, whether deliberately or not, cuts him off.

Tomoya and Nagisa head home after school, but meets Mei-chan at their school gate. Mei-chan was waiting for Sunohara, but somehow Sunohara sneaked past her way ahead of the couple. Thus, they go to Sunohara's room, which displeases him, saying that they are annoying him. Sunohara then goes on and on about love, and after some quick exchange of words, says that Mei-chan should go back home. When she refuses, Sunohara reveals her true intention, which Mei-chan admits is partially true, but reveals another shocker that she is waiting to meet a guy she loves. Everyone is apparantely shocked, and Mei-chan runs out, saying that she'll be meeting up with him soon. Nagisa immediately chases after her, and Tomoya tells Sunohara that he should be chasing after her, for Mei-chan could be in danger. Sunohara replies that he can't miss a call from Sanae-san, which pisses Tomoya, and Tomoya leaves after giving Sunohara a dirty stare.

Mei-chan and Nagisa are at the dorm's entrance, and hearing footsteps, Mei-chan turns around and calls out for Sunohara, which Tomoya responds that he's sorry it's not Sunohara. Mei-chan then silently looks back, and there is a moment of silence between the three.

-commercial break-

Mei-chan, Tomoya and Nagisa are back at Nagisa's house, where Mei-chan reminisces the past. She then states that her brother's girlfriend is a fake, forcing Tomoya and Nagisa to reveal the truth. Mei-chan then comments about how he is being a bother to everyone, and how he is hopeless.

The night passes by, and the next morning, Mei-chan, Sanae-san, Tomoya and Nagisa are gathered as Sanae-san begins her cosplay transformation (she even states that she is beginning to like the outfit lol). Just then, Akio walks in, and going all red, immediately notices his beautiful wife. Nagisa comments that her dad is amazing, being able to recognise her immediately. They cover up by saying it's a dress-up for Nagisa's theatre practice. Pushing blame here and there, Nagisa ends up to be the one covering up the whole scenario.

Mei-chan and Tomoya loses sight of Sanae-san, and Tomoya suggest that they to go somewhere so that Mei-chan can destress herself., immediately brightening Mei-chan up. They two end up dating, and Tomoya gets some serious heart attacks after suggesting that Mei-chan treat him like her real brother. Rather unfortunately, this scene gets seen by Kyou, Kotomi and Ryou, causing some really hilarious misunderstanding.

The two continue on their mini-date, including some crepe eating and neoprint taking, and all's well until Sunohara chances upon them. He sees the neoprints and demands an explanation, for which Tomoya replies that he's together with Mei-chan, and that he is dumping Nagisa soon. He even goes to say that they spent the night together, and the two slowly walk off. Sunohara however, does not retaliate, and walks off too. Tomoya and Mei-chan only look on.

Back at Nagisa's house, they try to comprehend the current situation, and asked whether Mei-chan should go back home, she responds by saying that she can't leave the way things are, and that Sunohara should return to the Soccer team to be back to his usual self. Determined, Mei-chan vows to help Sunohara return to normal.

Preview of next week:
Sunohara vs Tomoya ftw.

Wow, didn't think I'll write this much. Took a lot of snapshots, but due to the length of my post, I only uploaded a few that I think were really important key points of the story, as well as some pretty nice scenes. (I'll just upload everything lol. Enjoy the pics) This episode was exactly what I thought would turn out to be, Sunohara getting too into his fake relationship with Sanae-san, Mei-chan breaking down over that, and less of Nagisa. There was no Tomoyo in this episode T.T, but at least seeing Kyou, Kotomi and Ryou together was awesome! Sunohara has been such an ass this entire episode, that I think Mei-chan really deserves an older brother like Tomoya (I just loved Tomoya's reaction when Mei-chan called him 'Onii-san'). Great Mei-chan coverage, I too was laughing and squealing with joy throughout the episode. Looking forward to a more serious next episode though, wonder how Sunohara will take on Tomoya.


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