Friday, October 24, 2008

Toradora - 04


she's just so cute when she blushes thinking of kitamura. <3

About what I said last week about how Taiga might have some feelings for Ryuuji, I take some of that back. The scene when they two were watching Minori and Kitamura playing softball, I think that Taiga just poked him in the eyes because she felt Ryuuji was looking at Minori in a way too dirty manner (up to you to intepret what is dirty). This episode was like, a hardcore statement by the producers saying that, 'NO Taiga doesn't like Ryuuji (yet). She likes Kitamura so we're going to show you how much she does." And we finally got introduced to the School Council President (AGAIN, another one!). Forgot name, insignificant at the moment, and tsundere/lolis and pink hair (in the case of Minori, red) are my favourite types, so I'll check up her name later and edit this post. If I'm not lazy anyway.

History paper's next tuesday, gotta study somehow, somewhen.


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