Sunday, October 19, 2008


Takumi is startled and rather frightened after seeing Rimi sitting right beside him. His mind flashes back to the murder scene, and immediately backs off, which other classmates don't really bother. He demands an explanation, and thus Rimi explains that they were together since the first grade (i think), and his friend comes to confirm that. In between, when Rimi asks Takumi for his name, after a few seconds of pondering, Takumi unconsciously blurts out her full name, much to his own disbelief.

Once back home, he is once again accompanied by his delusional Seira-tan, and shaking off his contact with Rimi as a delusion, he goes on to play his net game. However, this brief moment of peace is quickly broken by a bloody Rimi right in his container home, holding the needle stake. Once again, a delusion. Relieved, he turns around, only to see Rimi admiring his Seira figurines. Realising that this time it wasn't an illusion, he chases her out of his room, panicking.

Hours later, Yua arrives at his house, and they go on their promised figurine yoyaku. Halfway they meet his sister Nanami, who gives Takumi a short lecture on how to communicate with a girl, while not forgetting to rub in about his lacking qualities.

After their date, Yua askes for his email, and when Takumi reaches home, he is rather surprised that Yua has already sent an email. Yua askes for meeting early before school, and for a reply, but due to Seira's mindfuck, Takumi deletes the email.

The next day, Yua goes to find Takumi in his classroom, only to meet Rimi, who offers to help her. Finding out that he did not come to school, Yua leaks some information about Takumi and her relationship, which causes Rimi to ask a rather awkward and suspicious question.

The following day, Takumi goes to school, only to be caught by Yua. Yua greets him good morning, giving Takumi yet another typical illusion often dreamt up by boys of his age. Takumi continues to be suspicious of her, due to his 'i-hate-three-dimensional-girls', and reveals to her that he's labeled a hikikomori, otaku and is a disgusting person. Yua, however, seems to not be wavered at all, and states that she likes him as he is. This seems to move Takumi's heart a bit, and after hearing the school bell, Yua asks Takumi if they are able to go home together after school, and runs off, making Takumi thinking whether it is too good to be true.

School ended, and Takumi meets Yua waiting for him. He ends up thinking that Yua is the one that is able to save him from his miserable hikikomori life. Yua is obviously happy that he came, and together they walk back home, walking past a police officer, whose investigation labels him as a suspect, due to lack of other supects and bad luck on Takumi's side.

Takumi and Yua sit on a bench at a park, and Takumi just can't help shake off the feeling that he's starting to fall in love. He then notices the Gero frog keychains on her bag, and recalls seeing the same bag at the cybercafe he visited not too long ago. Yua notices that he's looking at the frogs, and offers to give him one as a 'thank you' gift. Struggling to get the keychain off, she accidentally knocks her bag down, spilling the contents and reveal some newspaper cutouts regarding the New Generation incidents. This shocks Takumi, and asks her why she is collecting such articles.

Yua, realising that her cover has been blown, goes to confirm Takumi's knowledge on the New Generation events, particularly the third event. She takes out evidences, and presses on Takumi that he's the one who's been pulling the strings. A mindfucked Takumi ends up mindlessly playing his games at home.

I still don't get this anime, it's uber crazy. But one thing's for sure, at least some plot is showing, especially now that Yua has been revealed. The rather unexpected role of Yua was pretty off what I imagined, so I can see that this anime will not being going along the usual storyline/scenario. Probably something like Death Note + Code Geass yes? Also, Takumi's delusions have been playing a big role, and also since Takumi's the main suspect for the third event, I really look forward to how the next episode will turn out.


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