Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae - 04

I missed the hut so much.

Pretty face.

Some GAR attempt.

If you look closely...

Wrong mood here...

Reminds me of Naruto and Sasuke for some reason.


You bet.

Omg pedobear.

Yakuzas rule the buses. Don't mess with them.


One of Enma Ai's very rare appearances.

Looks like some eroge scene.

I have to say, despite all the stupid bl-themed events for this episode.. it really failed to deliver. The plot was really dumb, and the emotions of the victims and the one who pulls the string is not captured anymore. The essence is missing. The plot is yet unexplained. How did that shota get into the picture? What happened to all the detective business? Ran out of clothes?

A few more episodes, and if any one of these issues are not covered, I think I'll drop this series. So far, I'm waiting to see what happens.


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