Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is here... soon.

It's nearing Christmas, a festival of happiness and joy. To most of us anyway.

My Christmas experiences were never really that special. Growing up in a Buddhism-believing family, my parents never celebrated it, so of course, presents and pocket money are non-existent. But this year is super duper uber ultra exceptional. I mean, how awesome is it to go to the Land of the Rising Sun, the Kingdom of Otakus, the loli raep heaven right on Christmas? I'm sure my parents didn't bother, it's just that the ticket dates were just nicely on those dates. But whatever.

My main idea was to go to Comiket, Akihabara, Maid Cafes and stalk Japanese schoolgirls but ended up going on tour, due to parents' protectiveness. But it turns out that it won't be so bad after all, going to Mt Fuji, an inn, an Onsen (Hot Spring), Universal Studios and Boringland Disneyland. What I really worry is whether or not we will have enough time for both Comiket and Akibahara raid. Want to collect the entire Figma collection (excluding the baseball mascots), getting the Japan-only Christmas gear for Figma, as well as pick up a couple of doujins and merchandise. Probably eat some good food too. (Thinks of dango... Nagisa~)

With recent rise in crime in Japan, I fear for my life, but I feel it's okay to lay down my life for the greater good, contributing towards awareness of Otakus. Banzai!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't take the above paragraph seriously. Merry Early Christmas.


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