Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Proleague - New Zerg Battle Technique

Zerg vs Terran was always seen as a very predictable game, without counting individual player's micro control factor. However, this technique that I've long thought about has finally been used, using queen's Ensnare to gain battle advantage and totally negate marine's stim pack. And who was this genius who used this? No other than...

Hyvaa, zerg player from eSTRO. Against who? None other than Flash from KTF. The only setback about this build is that there is insufficient gas, but if Hyvaa played better and gotten 4gas earlier, he would have had crushed Flash hands down. Like how terrans started to use mechanic once again after Fantasy's play against GGPlay, I believe zerg players in the near future would be more creative and dynamic, not the standard zergling/lurker vs marine/medic/tank/vessel. We might see more queen usage, parasite on medic/tank/vessel, broodlings on medics/high templars/tanks, burrow usage to swallow marine/medic early on (like how Jaedong used in one of the MSL matches), etc.


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