Friday, January 2, 2009

DJ Max Portable Metro Project - Black Square

It's finally out! The long-waited 'DJ Max for the Masters', DJ Max Portable - Black Square is out for retail sale in Korea. Singapore still needs need to wait til mid-Jan or the end of this month. Expect price to be around $70.

The producers seem to have added quite a lot of new features in the Black Square.

Firstly, they'll be bringing back 4B FX from the Clazziquai edition, removing 2B and bringing back 6B FX (Previously known as 8B in DJ Max Portable 2). Fever is now up til X7, with speed increasing only at x7, not at x4 and x5 as per DMP2. Missions are now akin to the Clazziquai mode, and the DMP2 style of missions are long gone. Interface is similar to Clazziquai, but the songs are definitely not. A little tiny extra they added can be seen in the video below. There are some special green notes, that I assume, if you press them, you get bonus scores. Not sure about it, just an assumption. Another feature is also added to the analog button, as shown around 0:52 in the video above. Some analog keys now have to pushed towards a certain direction, as in the above example, up. A great variety of songs are also included in the Black Square, and some songs I found to my liking were 'Heart of Witch' and 'Son of Sun', shown below.

Heart of Witch

Also read from some sites that by using Link Disc, connecting Black Square and Clazziquai, you can unlock 6B FX in Clazziquai. Would love to try that when Black Square is out. Is this on your 'Must-get games' this year?

P.S: I know I've promised to post about my Japan trip, but it appears that I need some photos, or I'll end up with a text-heavy post. Sorry about that (_ _;)


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