Saturday, October 18, 2008

Incruit OSL : Fantasy vs GGPlay

Fantasy brings back the Mechanic play, and totally demolished and annihilated GGPlay. Interesting fact to note is that for the games Fantasy won (Game 1, 2 and 4), he went mechanic, and for the only game that he lost (Game 3 on Return of the King), he went bionic. Looks like a lot more Terran will now go mecha against all 3 races. Fantasy is the next Boxer/oov/Nada (as stated by the commentators) and I personally see a Fantasy vs Best Incruit OSL Finals. GOGO!!

Game 1: GGPlay - Plasma - Fantasy
Game 2: GGPlay - Medusa - Fantasy
Game 3: GGPlay - Return of the King - Fantasy
Game 4: GGPlay - The Autumn Wind/Chupung Ryung - Fantasy

Final Score: GGPlay 1:3 Fantasy

Mecha ftw.


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