Saturday, October 25, 2008

New figmas obtained!

Went to KKnM today to preorder a Lucky Star bathroom poster. Went in and watched for a brief moment a video about (I think) last year's winter comiket. I was like, whoa. Literally stood there frozen, mouth open as I thought about how I'll be there in December XD It's like so big, clean and the atmosphere itself.. I could feel it even here.

Moving on, I was waiting for the personel (I think her name's Sharon, but I don't dare to call her by her name, I'm like so young compared to others D:), then I saw Tsuruya-san Figma. Recalling back Danny's post on her, I immediately went 'ALL FIGMAS GET!' and asked for it. Then I inquired about how's the progress on the vendor that handles on the goods, and about Kagami and Tsukasa. And lucky me. The previous person who called for Kagami didn't collect her, so SHE WAS THE LAST ONE AVAILABLE!! IMMEDIATE GET! XD

So that's how I got Kagami Figma and Tsuruya-san Figma in one day.

Kagami is way too cute XD

*edit: p.s: sorry about the pics getting cut off. Post section not wide enough.. I'll try to fix it (_ _")
**edit edit: fixed :D


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