Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Animax Blog Workshop with Danny Choo

I reached the venue earlier than expected, and nervously took a peek into the room. There I saw, Danny Choo, god of the Otakus. Gah, if only you came with me, Gabriel. =/

Feeling ultra nervous now, it's 1.30pm. Showtime.

12.50pm - Reached the National Youth Center. Saw Danny Choo in real life omg. Had time to burn so walked around Cineleisure, calming myself down.
1.10pm - Entered the room. Saw a couple of others. Danny's greeting people, probably the more veteran bloggers.
1.33pm - The workshop should start any time soon. Caught sight of the picture in this. Lol.
1.36pm - People are still entering. And we're still waiting. There are cameras everywhere, and I'm feeling super nervous. Wish I had a job so that I can get a camera like them.
1.51pm - The Director (Owner?) of Animax is talking about their latest feature. LaMB. Check it out here. Seems to have a blogging contest, period betwen Dec 1 2008 to Jan 31 2008. SEAns only, topic related to their LaMB project.
1.55pm - Finally over. Moving over to Danny now. Oh wait. Music video and 2 commercials (the save the environment commercial in Animax channel + one related to the LaMB project) yet to be played. Danny's gotta wait.
2.05pm - talking about his background, how he started off and how he ended up falling in love with Japan.
2.20pm - Now moving on to talk about the main topic of this workshop. Lots of interesting info, and pics too. Yes, I love pink, long haired 2D girls. But I didn't raise my hand =.=
3.40pm - Talk ends. People are talking with each other. All the veterans scare me. Waiting in line to greet Danny.
3.45pm - Thought I couldn't make it. He had to go for a media interview, but being the awesome, nice guy he is, he decided to quickly greet the rest who were waiting, who were basically me and a couple more other guys and women. Got his namecard, shook his hand and took photo with him! :D

Ending off, he said that he MIGHT attend the fuyucomi (Winter Comiket). Oh yeah~


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