Saturday, November 8, 2008

Clannad ~after story~ - 05

We are introduced to the Sanae-san's story arc. Tomoyo, Tomoya, Nagisa, Sunohara and Sanae meet up at Sunohara's dormitory, where they share talks. Afterwards, Sanae speaks to Tomoya and Nagisa to improve their relationship, after hearing from Sunohara that they hardly go on a date. Tomoya slowly drifts into a sleep, and there are some flashbacks of a person (probably the girl from the other world), as a voice slowly enchants Tomoya to sleep.

We then see Sanae-san's past, and I thought for a moment it was Kyou XD
Really interesting story, wondering how it will unfold in the next episode. Gotta watch it soon >.<

Next episode: Forever With You. (Zutto Anata no Soba ni)


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