Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lucky Star Nendroids

Suddenly, an attack of Nendroids!

GoodSmile Company has put up these two pictures, one on their site, another on their blog. First picture is of Miko cosplay, featuring the already shrine maidens, the Hiiragi sisters, as well as Konata! Uber kawaii desho?

Second picture is a Lucky Star x Idolmaster special (?) Nendroids. Idolmaster is a music rhythm game published by Namco, and our Lucky Star characters are cosplaying as the characters in the game. This time, even Akira-sama is featured, but who catches my eye most other than Kona-chan? XD (Tsukasa is pretty cute too, this time round).

I don't have any Nendroids (after my Ryuk from Death Note broke, I shunned Nendroids D: ), but if these were to be released in Singapore, I might consider investing a bit into Nendroids. Are they on your get list? How many do you have?

Source: aseps, and aseps again.


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