Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anime Festival Asia '08

It has been a hell these two days, with the Anime Festival Asia going on at suntec. And boy, was it full of surprises. Met lots of... I should say, daring, cosplays, as well as pretty decent goods and bargains. So, instead of writing an essay on it, I'll like to make it in point forms, although it'll most likely end up as an essay somehow.

1) Participation of ODEX.
Why, oh lord, why wasn't this mentioned this in the AFA? When I reached there, I was excited to see Domo-kun, Shana, Lelouch and others to mention a few. Until. I. Turned. Around. And. Saw. That. Cursed. Logo.

Yes, Odex. Why were you there? Did you ever publicise that you were coming up with these new animes? Did you ever mention your participation?

My guess that Odex didn't do so is that people might be put off right from the beginning upon hearing 'Odex', so they wanted to show their new and improved version, so that people might consider changing their stand. Sure, the dvds, vcds, goods and everything has improved, but it still can erase all the sins that you've commited. Odex, I'm never supporting you for your diabolic treatment towards the anime community.

2) The booths.
Ok, being called 'ANIME Festival Asia', there should be more anime content, yes? But what I saw were totally irrelevant stuff.
-> Arcade, wut?
-> Power rangers, no seriously, what?
-> Some thailand goods, forgot what.

I sort of expected anime showcases of hit titles as well as upcoming ones (probably Shakugan no Shana III?), as well as participation of Japanese companies like GSC and Maxfactory. But all the companies did was to display their goods... I was thinking they were actually going to sell Figmas there. But this is only the first year, so it's not bad for a start, considering how the ticket was only $8 for two days. Really looking forward to next year, for I would be able to spend more money, as well as a small glimmer of hope that this person would perform the most electrifying live performance once again...

3) May'n's live performance @ AFA'08.

I was lost in words. Simply blown away. Her live performance was full of energy, character, passion. Despite her poor english, she expressed every determination to sing to her best, which I think was done almost divinely. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she's the goddess of live perfomance, for other singers whom I wouldn't name as I'm also a great fan of them, tend to lip-sync. In short, for May'n, Live > Recording. I went back home and listened as I wanted to know why I felt like crying when she sang 'Diamond Crevasse' and I found out that her recordings were unable to capture that burning passion in her.

If May'n was to ever perform in Singapore again (which she promised, either to appease the fans or a sincere promise), regardless of the price of the ticket, I'm going for the VIP ticket.

Basically, I've fallen in love with May'n('s voice) now.


Anonymous gordon said...

May'n performance was great. if only they on the air con colder. it's freaking hot in the $8 zone. O_O

November 24, 2008 at 1:07 AM 
Blogger konadora said...

Haha, yeah. Way too crowded, barely had space to move and clap. But hey, we still got to see a Japanese singer live in Singapore, and hear her sing live! Rare opportunity for us poor Singaporeans :D

November 24, 2008 at 5:18 PM 

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