Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clannad ~after story~ - 06

I somehow knew that the boy will be those 'i-have-returned-to-fulfil-the-wish-of-my-previous-life' or somewhere along those lines, but never did I thought would it turn out as a cat helping out his dead master. A really touching 2 episode arc, shedding new light on Misae, although she really was attractive since the first season. But this just makes her quadruply more attractive. Tsundere, yes?

Now that Sunohara and Misae is covered, next up is Miyazawa, the girl always staying in the bookroom. Seems like Sunohara has done something no good yet again...

On a personal level though, I really want to see the progress of Tomoya and Nagisa, and more Tomoyo! >.<


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