Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proleague : STX Soul vs WeMade FOX

Game 1: July (5 Green Z) vs Roro (11 Yellow Z)
Map: Destination

July blocked off early zergling harassment pretty well, but later overdid himself with mutalisks, and got run over pretty badly. On a losing streak, something I didn't expect from the latest Golden Mouse winner.

Game 2: Kal (7 Red P) vs Pure (10 Yellow P)
Map: Medusa 1.1

The game starts off with a rather peculiar scene - the KeSPA referee on the dropboard. After the countdown, the referee is gladly kicked out, and the game continues.

Kal opts for a 4-gate push, while Pure goes for 2 gate robo. Defends well, but Pure loses a reaver, and both sides suffer heavy Dragoon casualties.

Game progresses into a macro game, and we see awesome DT drops, reaver drops and storms. Kal's storm connects much better, and as a last minute ditch attempt, Pure goes to focus fire the 4 o'clock nexus, already damaged by a reaver with 10 probe kills. Seeing this, Kal goes on to do the same for Pure's 2 o'clock expo, and kills off almost the entire army with good storm targetting. Great psionic storm power demonstration match.

Game 3: Hwasin (12 White T) vs keke (6 Brown Z)
Map: Raid Assault 2.2

A brilliant mechanic play by Hwasin vs a zerg. Initial vulture harassment, killing off plenty of lings and drones, followed by tight defense with goliaths, which soon got equipped with range and +1 attack. Totally melted the hydralisks and mutalisks, despite Keke's quick tech change. End of game, Hwasin looks relieved to have finally ended his losing streak, in style.

Game 4: Calm (11 Teal Z) vs Mind (7 Orange T)
Map: Andromeda 1.0

The undefeated Calm (as of the 08-09) season finally takes his first loss against Mind. Mind, known for his strong, defensive/offensive balanced play, and slow, turtling push, starts off by paying attention to his building placement for future walling, followed by attempted bunker rush, which Calm defends pretty easily with a bunch of drones, using them like Hydralisks and not losing even one of them. Calm then goes for a fake mutalisk tech, when in fact he's going for lurkers, while Mind goes for 3 barrack starport. Lurker drops begets dropship drops, and Mind pushes soon after with an army of marine, medic, tanks and vessels. Great expo harassments by both players led to a pretty even game, but Calm's lack of vessel hunting ultimately led to his loss when Mind used Defensive Matrix brilliantly in the last battle to deal the decisive blow and lead his team to the Ace match.

Ace Match: Calm (1 Brown Z) vs Roro (11 Blue Z)
Map: Chupung Myungwul (Sword in the Moon)

Calm is out for revenge, and Roro is back for two consecutive wins. Game starts off with a zergling-heavy early/mid game, resulting in a few bloody scenes. However, Calm's misjudgement, poor control and mutalisk giveaways costs his team a game.

End Score:
STX Soul 2:3 WeMade FOX


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