Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zettai Karen Children - 29

The Children on RAGE.

= Raining Fishes.

Bad Minamoto.. what did you do!?

Chief is clearly a pedo/lolicon.

...and makes it worse.

Fujiko to save the day!

Mama scolds Papa.

Oishii desu yo ne?

Mama wants more time with Papa.

Papa realises that he had been neglecting his family.

Papa has forgotten what is love...

...causing his children to have weird mentalities.


Papa is sent for some disciplinary action by Mama.

Mama's assistant.

Mama's iron will to revert back Papa.

Papa has gotten 6-packs from his office work...

Attempt to analyze his body.

Fail assistant brings about fail operation.

Papa attempts to bring the assistant to the dark side.

Mama's charm is ever so powerful.

Mama does not give up, and orders transformation to Shiho.

Even Papa is surprised, and Mama is pleased.

A Date with the Assistant.

"Papa, you're doing it all wrong!"


Mama: "計画通り。"

Kaoru rules the world and crocodiles.

Of course you can't, you lolicon.

Mama recommends variety.

The Children don't like their Papa flirting.

Kaoru is clearly upset. Poor crocodile. (Wait.. she took the crocodile?)


"Right, Papa? Think of our first night..."

"Oh.. yeah. I remember..."

Subtitles say it all.


Mama's an old geezer.

Wrestling with crocodile.

Papa turns into THE Papa. GAR!&!^$@$

"Papa, you're back!"

"I won't say I'll leave you all anymore. It's a promise."

More fan service.

"Mama will always be Mama~"

"And for us..."

"We must look after our children well."

"Because of you, Papa."

You need additional training!

"Damn Papa, he never learns."

I had to say, this is such a BIG improvement from the last episode. I can't believe how they can make Fujiko so cute. Really brings out her personality. And all the comedic expressions were gold.


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